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Yuna (ユウナ [yuna] in Japanese) in is the only daughter of High Summoner Braska in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. She lived most of her childhood in Besaid, although started out spent quite a bit of time in Bevelle as well, before her father's death. Her mother (unnamed) was an Al Bhed, and died long before that time.
At the start of the first game Yuna is 17 years old and 161 cm tall. She has brown hair and due to her Al Bhed heritage, one of her eyes is green with the Al Bhed iris, while the other is a common human blue one. She tends to worry not about herself, but about the people of Spira most of all.

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Early Years


Yuna was born likely in Bevelle, and her mother died when she was very young. Her father Braska was a priest of some kind and followed the teachings of Yevon. However, when the atmosphere of Bevelle started to become hostile for Braska, he decided to leave on his pilgrimage before something serious happened. He left Yuna in Bevelle. Braska was a skilled summoner and succeeded in his pilgrimage, defeating Sin and becoming a High Summoner. This changed Yuna's life entirely. From along his pilgrimage Braska had sent people he trusted to look after Yuna. One of them, Kimahri Ronso, he tasked with bringing the young Yuna to Besaid. After reaching the small tropical island, that is where Yuna spent the rest of her childhood and youth.

In Besaid, Yuna became friends with Lulu and Wakka among other people. She soon became a trusted and honored part of the community, and started her own summoner training.

Final Fantasy X


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Final Fantasy X-2

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It is unknown at what cycle exactly Yuna joined the battles of Dissidia, but it was very early on. Judging by the descriptions given in her bio it must have been around the 8th cycle or earlier. When the 12th cycle came around, Yuna already had quite a bit of her memories back.

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Yuna's costume in FF10 includes her open kimono, hakama and obi. Alongside with it she wears two silver rings, one on her left middle finger and the other on her right little finger. On her right hand she also has two bracelets, and she has a bird-shaped silver charm around her neck.



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Yuna has appeared quite a few times in the FF-TCG, under the elements of Water and Light.

tcg_1145.jpg tcg_1146.jpg tcg_1146pr.jpg tcg_2092.jpg
1-145R Yuna 1-146U Yuna 1-146U Yuna (alternate) 2-092S Yuna
tcg_2101.jpg tcg_8083.jpg tcg_8083pr.jpg tcg_PR012.jpg
2-101R Yuna 8-083R Yuna 8-083R Yuna (alternate) PR012 Yuna

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