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Yda is a Highlander-tribe Hyur who is part of the Circle of Knowing in Final Fantasy XIV. When came time for the Circle to find out about Eorzea's internal matters, Yda was sent to Gridania along with Papalymo Totolymo, although she is also familiar with matters of Ala Mhigo. She died six years ago1, depending on how much time you think has passed it was either a year before the Calamity or some time after it. She was born around 1540 6AE, making her some 31 years old when she passed away. She was born in Ala Mhigo and her parents died in the Garlean conquest of the nation. Her little sister Lyse Hext still lives.

Yda's voice actor is unknown. It bears noting that only the voice actor present in version 1.x of the game should be considered Yda's voice, as every time we see 'Yda' after that it is her sister Lyse impersonating her.

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Early Years

Yda was born in the Ala Mhigan village of Ala Gannha in 1540 of the Sixth Astral Era. For years she was the only child of her family, until in 1552 her sister Lyse Hext was born. It is unknown how their lives were in Ala Gannha.

In 1553, Garlemald started its conquest of Eorzea with Ala Mhigo. At the same time, King Theodoric became more and more hostile to everyone around him, culminating in the rebellion against him in 1557 which Garlemald took advantage of to take control of the country. Yda was 17 years old at the time. Her parents died in the aftermath, although she and Lyse managed to escape across the border to Gridania. They found no welcome there however, and Yda took them across the lands in search of somewhere better suited for a refuge. Eventually, but still within the same year, they ended up in the Sharlayan colony where they finally found that place. They traveled with the others across the seas to the Sharlayan motherland when the colony decided to abandon Eorzea, and Yda eventually became a trained Archon.

Investigating Eorzea

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Seventh Umbral Era


Yda's role in the preparations for the coming Seventh Umbral Era is unknown. Her long-time companion Papalymo Totolymo was sent to Gridania when signs of the coming calamity started appearing, but it is unknown whether Yda accompanied him this time. In fact, her only confirmed appearance has so far been during Little Ladies' Day, where she found herself named Princess of Gridania for the duration of the festival.


Yda is a Hyur of the Highlander tribe despite her looks, and she covers her face with a special turban all the time not much can be said about her features. Below the mask, she has brilliant blue eyes, pale skin, and the Sharlayan archon's tattoo on the left side of her neck. Her hair is blonde and rather short.

As previously mentioned, Yda wears a turban on her head. This turban is black on top and white on the sides, and has a string of beads hanging on her forehead, attached to the turban with a crescent moon-shaped pin. Further attached to the turban is a strip of black cloth that hangs over the eyes.
She wears a black top as an undershirt, and a white shirt decorated with bright red figures with black strips of cloth on her shoulders. Her pants are white hotpants, and she has a black belt with a big metal-colored buckle. On her hands she has fingerless leather gloves of some dark brown leather. Despite the difference to the rest of her clothes, she wears bright red metal boots of an undetermined metal, with brass or golden decorations.
Yda is a pugilist and carries with her himantes-type weapons of some very dark leather.


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(during Little Ladies' Day 2012)
Yda: …And guess who's been picked to be the Little Lady of the Town? Yours truly, that's who! So what are you waiting? On your knees and grove! O~hohoho!
Everyone was gathered in the market square, talking about some lot being drawn for little ladies and I said to myself, "Yda, your'e a little lady, too! Why miss out on the fun?" So I dropped my name in the box…and would you believe, I was picked!
Some girls are born lucky I guess. Speaking of which, you look like you could do with some luck yourself. Here, maybe this will help. Consider it a token of favor from me, the Little Lady of the Town. Don't forget to say thank you! And, and a 'Your Grace' would be nice, too.
(don't yet have Peach Blossom)
Yda: May the Scholar watch over you!
(already have Peach Blossom)
Yda: Er, didn't I already give you a gift? Only one per supplicant, that's the rule. Move along now.


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