Yang Fang Leiden

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Yang Fang Leiden (ヤン・ファン・ライデン [yang fang leiden] in Japanese) is a Monk from the kingdom of Fabul in Final Fantasy IV - or more specifically, the captain of the monk warriors of Fabul. He's married to Sheila Leiden, and later on his daughter Ursula Leiden is born. Before his daughter's birth he also becomes the king of Fabul. Yang's 35 years old at the start of FF4, is 182 cm tall and weighs 76 kg. He's ambidextrous.

The original games didn't have voice acting, but they were added for the DS version of FF4. In the DS version, Yang's seiyuu for the Japanese version was Tesshou Genda, and he was voiced by Jackson Daniels in the English version.

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Early Years

Yang was born and raised in Fabul. He showed talent for the physical skills of a monk from an early age, and has trained in their arts since he was a child1. It didn't take him long to become the most skilled monk Fabul had, and that position Yang has held since (or at least as far as is told).

It's unknown when Yang married his wife Sheila, or when he became the captain of the warrior monks. Likewise, any further detail about his life before FF4. All that is known is that when he's first met, he was in training on Mt Hobbs.

Final Fantasy IV


When Cecil Harvey and the rest first meet Yang Fang Leiden, he is training on Mt Hobbs, and has just come across a group of Bombs, which shortly become a Mom Bomb. Together with the party he defeats it, and upon being told of the threat Baron poses on Fabul's Crystal, he agrees to accompany them to Fabul.

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The After Years

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Yang has four cards to his name in the FF-TCG, all of the Earth element.

tcg_2061.jpg tcg_2062.jpg tcg_3065.jpg tcg_7079.jpg
2-061R Yang 2-062C Yang 3-065U Yang 7-079R Yang


An interesting side-note about Yang's last name in Japanese is that it coincides with the pronunciation of the word 雷電 [raiden], meaning 'thunder and lightning'.

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