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Y'shtola Rhul (ヤ・シュトラ・ルル [ya'shtola rhul] in Japanese) is a Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te from Sharlayan in Final Fantasy XIV. She first affiliated herself with the Circle of Knowing, then the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, and specializes in the regional affairs of Limsa Lominsa for them.

She is of a serious and scholarly nature and keeps much hidden by nature, although her natural tendency to help people who do not hinder her comes out at times. Her exact age is unknown, and she has claimed to be 23 since reaching that age. She collects various kinds of shoes as a hobby, and has a lasting distaste for aureliae.

Y'shtola's Japanese seiyuu is Ai Kayano. In the English version her voice actor has so far been Emily O'Brien (A Realm Reborn) and Robyn Addison (Heavensward).

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Early Years


Y'shtola was presumably born in Sharlayan although nothing is known of her early family life, and displayed her brightness and affinity for magic at a young age. This earned her a place of apprenticeship with the Archon Matoya at the young age of 7 years old.

While initially reluctant to take on an apprentice, Matoya soon warmed up to the hard-working young girl, and came to affectionately call her Shtola. The two lived together for a decade, at the end of which Y'shtola graduated, now aged 17.

It is unknown what happened directly after this, but at some point she met Louisoix Leveilleur and joined the Circle of Knowing.

Stirrings in Eorzea

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A Realm Reborn


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Y'shtola is a miqo'te of icy blue eyes and creamy white tail and hair, which is tied to both sides of her face. Her complexion is ever so slightly tanned, and she has stripes of honeyed brown on her cheeks. On her neck she has a black tribal-looking tattoo that marks her as an Archon.

For her first outfit, Y'shtola wore a silky white shirt with silver decorations, tied with laces on the front. She also had blue pants and curved shoes of blue and black, the soles are what appeared to be some chestnut wood or other such reddish wood. Her weapon was a leafy wand of unknown wood, unnamed. She continued wearing the same outfit for the duration of both the original game and A Realm Reborn, although the latter with the addition of an aetherometer worn conveniently hanging down her chest when it was not in use.


"Gods forfend."
-on a boat approaching Limsa Lominsa while glimpsing a giant sea serpent for the first time


Y'shtola appeared in Lord of Vermilion Re:2 as a collaboration character capable of casting Protect. Her character art was drawn by Ugetsu Hakua (白亜右月).


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