Xande (ザンデ [zande] in Japanese) is one of the oldest people in the world in addition to Doga and Unei. His jealousy drove him to try to use the power of Dark, but instead his ambitions consumed him, and he started hoping for eternal life and to become the ruler of the world. Unknowingly, he was used by the Cloud of Darkness to advance her own agenda.
The Warriors of Light killed Xande at the end of the game.

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Nothing is known about the early life of Xande, not even when he became a disciple of Noah and how long he spent living like that. When Noah left the world, he was given the gift of mortal life. Quite understandably, Xande couldn't accept this gift and rebelled. Slowly he became corrupted by his jealousy, with some help from the Cloud of Darkness.


Xande laid in wait for the right moment to take over the world. His strike, when it came, was to stop the time of everything on the ground and rule over this timeless world. He ruled the world like this for quite a few years, before the Warriors of Light showed up.

To try and recover the Crystals on the Floating Continent which had escaped his curse, he sent forth minions. However, each of them in the end failed to stop the Warriors from gaining more power. When it became evident that they'd reach him in the end, he devised a trap. If the Warriors looked into a certain mirror on the highest floor of the Crystal Tower, they'd be cursed by the power of five demon dragons.
However, the plan ended up in failure, when the spirits of Doga and Unei gathered pure souls with mighty power to help the captured Warriors. The curse was broken with their help, and the Warriors defeated Xande in short order. His last words were defiant - the Warriors were too late, the Cloud of Darkness had already started to move.


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Xande has appeared twice in the FF-TCG series under the Fire element.

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