Weeping Hill

Weeping Hill is a Roegadyn from Ul'dah in Final Fantasy XIV version 1.x. He was chosen as the royal seneschal during Little Ladies' Day 2012.


Weeping Hill is not involved in any quests.


Weeping Hill: Oh, hi - I mean, well met, good sir. What do you think of the vestiments? Quit dignified, if I do say so myself! And would you care to guess who has the honor of serving the Little Lady of the Town as her royal seneschal?
Er, well, no. Now that you mention it, I suppose I don't appear that royal. But when fate slaps you on the shoulder and shoves you onto center stage, you've no choice but to play the part as best you can!
Speaking of which, let us get to business! We have specials on a very nice range of Little Ladies' Day commemorative goods. Take your pick, I think they're all just grand.


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