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Warrior of Light (ウォリアー・オブ・ライト [warrior of light] in Japanese) is the representative of the original Warriors of Light from Final Fantasy I in Dissidia. With his blond hair, blue eyes, and horned helmet, he greatly resembles some of the production sketches for FF1 for the character of Warrior and Knight in the game. In actuality, while he continues on to the story of FF1, he's a manikin constructed by Cid of the Lufaine. What and who the other three Warriors are, is completely unknown.
While the Warrior has a name that some (including a goddess) consider his real name, said name is unknown to us. It appears to be a single-syllable name, however.

The Warrior is voiced by Toshihiko Seki (Japanese version) and George Grant (English version).

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Early Years

As a constructed being, the Warrior has no past or childhood to speak of. He was likely made as he stands today (it is unknown whether he's capable of growing old), and it is unknown how he spent the relatively brief period of time between when he was completed and when he appeared on the alternate Gaia of the Dissidia battles.

The first known act of the Warrior was when he simply appeared in the distorted Gaia during the first cycle of battles, and was soon found by Prishe, a warrior of Cosmos. Prishe fought Garland for the right to claim this vessel with no memories or purpose and won, bringing him to Cosmos. Cosmos then gave her power to the Warrior, and he fought in her ranks ever since.
Some time after this, while out on patrol with Prishe, she came up with a name for him. While he later forgets this name in the cycles of birth and rebirth to the battles, he never quite feels like taking on another name, certain that his true name must be somewhere out there.



A long time passes, and the Warrior faithfully serves Cosmos through the seemingly never-ending cycles of the battle. However, things change a little bit towards the end of the 12th cycle. The side of Chaos releases hordes of manikins from the Rift, and it seems inevitable that the side of Cosmos will lose. It is in this situation that Kain Highwind approaches the Warrior.

Kain has found out that there is a cycle to the battles, and that when the new cycle begins the warriors will be reborn to fight again. Because the current battle is certain to be lost due to the manikins, Kain proposes that they take out the warriors of Cosmos so they may remember and fight in the next battle. The Warrior agrees to stand by and protect Cosmos while Kain goes around taking out their allies. The rest of the 12th cycle the Warrior spends close by Cosmos's side, staying true to his word to protect her.

When Lightning reaches Cosmos and it seems that she'll get in the way of their plan, the Warrior takes her on while Cosmos watches the fight silently. The Warrior loses the fight, and Lightning half-way convinces him that what he's doing isn't in their best interest. When the remaining warriors of Cosmos (sans Kain and Tifa) appear, he watches by while they decide to head to the entrance to the Rift where the manikins are entering from, once again staying by Cosmos's side to protect her from their enemies.

While the small group of Cosmos's warriors reach the fault, an army of manikins reaches the Sanctuary of Order. The Warrior, alone, attempts taking them on. He slays them by the dozen, and the ground is covered in manikin shards, but they keep coming. In the end, he falls and is about to be killed, when Cosmos takes action and uses her powers to save him from certain death. Her forbidden act takes her out while the group at the fault seals it, falling in the process.


At the start of the 13th cycle, the Warrior wakes up relatively close to the Sanctuary, the seat of Harmony. Immediately upon awakening he worries for Cosmos, and heads to the Sanctuary with all haste. Upon reaching it, he discovers Cosmos upon her throne, looking worn out. She tells him that she was defeated. It bears noting that it isn't clear at this point how much he remembers of the previous cycle or if he knows about the cycles at all now.

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Final Fantasy I

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The Warrior has violet eyes and ruffled silver hair. In regular mode he wears purplish-blue armor with brass-colored lining, the supple leather bits black. Around his waist is a natural white blue cloth, and he has a light yellow cloak. His helmet has two long horns, pointing upwards.

In EX Mode the helmet changes, the horns pointing forward, and the colors of it and his armor become more vibrant, colorful. He also has an alternate model where all his clothes and armor become various shades of red and some light purple, and another in which he appears like the traditional Final Fantasy I Fighter, with a bright red armor and short red hair. The last of his alternate costumes is very simple, merely doing away with his helmet.


"Emotions will not help you win."
-fighting against Firion, Final Fantasy Dissidia


Warrior of Light has appeared quite a few times in the FF-TCG series, under both the elements of Light and Fire.

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1-151R Warrior of Light 3-099R Warrior of Light PR-010 Warrior of Light
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PR-018 Warrior of Light PR-055 Warrior of Light PR-063 Warrior of Light

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