Waekbyrt is a Roegadyn pirate who could be found aboard the Astalicia in Final Fantasy XIV version 1.x.


Class quests
Bloody Baptism (start)


(before joining the guild)
Waekbyrt: I dunno what tales yer mammy told ye, but bein' a pirate ain't somethin' ye can jus' sign up fer. It be a way o' life. Reavin' and pillagin'; drinkin' and whorin'; puttin' the wind up all them posh bastards int heir shiny towers and townhouses - these be the noble pastimes what'll earn ye the title, and sooner 'n ye can say "Arrr!" like as not.
And if ye be cravin' a little o' this an' that, then I might just' be able to help ye. Ye'd be startin' from the bottom o' the bottom, mind.

Category: People

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