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Vivi Ornitier (ビビ·オルニティア [vivi ornitier] in Japanese) was a prototype Black Mage created by Kuja in Final Fantasy IX. His appearance is that of a 9-year-old, although his face is never seen. His real age is unknown, although it must be at least half a year. Vivi tends to be somewhat of a philosophical type, perhaps due to his origins. It's presumed he ran out of his lifeforce, Mist, sometime before the end of the game. Before this happened though, he created many black mages like himself and contributed a lot to the black mage society.

While FF9 isn't voiced, Vivi made an appearance in Kingdom Hearts II where he was voiced by Ikue Otani in the Japanese version and Melissa Disney in the English version.

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Early Years

As mentioned before, it's unknown when exactly Vivi was created, but it was for the purpose of trying out a design for a non-organic soldier. It's equally unknown how exactly Vivi spent his time in those days, as he doesn't have memories of that time. It's rather likely that his 'consciousness' hadn't yet woken at that time, as the process of gaining one isn't immediate for the black mages.


Vivi's memories start when he fell (or was dropped, it's unclear which) from an airship over a forest in July 1799. The exact place this happened is unknown, but it's likely it happened somewhere close to the city of Treno. The following month he was found by Quan, a hermit Qu living in a cave near Treno. Quan took care of Vivi in his own eccentric way, and Vivi ended up considering Quan his grandfather.

On January 1st 1800, almost five months after he found Vivi, Quan died. Vivi, still confused about everything, continued living in Quan's dwelling for a further six days before heading out to the big world. He first reached Treno, where he spent what must have been a very confusing 6 days.
On January 13th he bought what appeared to him to be a ticket to the play I Want to Be Your Canary - unbeknownst to him, it was a fake. Hopeful to see the play and participate in princess Garnet's birthday, the following day he took an airship to Alexandria.

Final Fantasy IX

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Vivi has appeared quite a few times in the FF-TCG series, all under the Fire element.

tcg_4012.jpg tcg_4013.jpg tcg_7015.jpg
4-012S Vivi 4-013U Vivi 7-015C Vivi
tcg_8010.jpg tcg_pr029.jpg
8-010R Vivi PR-029 Vivi


It bears noting that while Vivi's last name is Ornitier, some US sources have mis-transliterated it as Orunitia. However, this is nothing but just that, a mis-transliteration, where the literal pronunciation of the Japanese writing is taken instead of the intended western writing.

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