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Verena (フェレーナ [verena] in Japanese) is a Hume girl in Final Fantasy XI. She is gentle and wants for all forms of life to get along, including Beastmen and the races of Light. Her family includes Gretzo1, the previous head of Tenshodo, and her adopted brother Aldo. She has blue eyes and brown hair, and doesn't appear very tall. While her age is unknown, she gives off the impression of being young.
She has a special ability of being able to communicate with all forms of nature, and has made friends with many of the goblins living in Jeuno, notably among them Fickblix.



Nothing much is known about Verena's early years, not even if she had yet been born when her father adopted Aldo. Nevertheless, she was raised with Aldo, who eventually became the next head of the Tenshodo. Aldo seems to have always been fiercely protective of her, perhaps due to losing one sister already and Verena's general frailty and naivety.
Somewhere along the years, she started making friends with goblins, and others discovered her ability to communicate with just about everything. It is unknown how they reacted to her ability.

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Verena has appeared once in the FF-TCG series under the Water element.

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