Vavaki is a Lalafell who works for the Frondale's Phrontistery. She could be found in the hallways of Ul'dah in Final Fantasy XIV version 1.x, close by to Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern and Sunsilk Tapestries.


Vavaki is not involved in any quests.


Vavaki: Greetings, traveler. I am Healer Vavaki, of Frondale's Phrontistery. I have been entrusted with the task of researching the genealogies of Eorzea's races and clans, that we might better our methods of developing new medicines.
Is there anything on the subject you would care to know? I find reciting my data to be ever so helpful in remembering it.

(What will you ask about? Ul'dah's most populous races)
(The Highlanders of the Hyur)
Vavaki: Very well! Ahem! The Highlanders are a clan of Hyur whose name derives from their long tradition of building strongholds in the mountains. Long years at high altitudes endowed them with a stamina that lent itself well to physical activity, and both the men and women are trained in the arts of combat from childhood, which accounts for their thick musculature. They are truly beautiful physical specimens - from a purely scientific point of view, of course.
They have become increasingly rare, however, since their homeland of Ala Mhigo fell to the Garlean Empire - the females in particular. A pity, that. It makes it exceedingly hard to study them.
Is there some other race or clan about which you care to ask?
(The Dunesfolk of the Lalafell)
Vavaki: I myself am a Dunesfolk, as you may have noticed. Our kind is a feisty little bunch, with a long history of life in the desert. From an early age, we are made to drink a traditional herbal concoction to raise our resilience to poison, as nearly all the plants and animals in our native lands are venomous.
But since migrating to Eorzea, this resilience seems to have absolutely no effect - an interesting fact of Eorzean toxicology! And please, take note of my eyes.
There is what appears to be a thin layer covering the pupil, yes? That too is an evolutionary response to the environment - our bodies' way of protecting the eye from the harsh rays of the sun and errant grains of sand. Unfortunately, it limits detailed ocular research to Dunesfolk cadavers.
(The Hellsguard of the Roegadyn)
Vavaki: There is no mistaking the Hellsguard among the Roegadyn. Their skin is as fiery red as their name implies. They hail from the northern mountains of Abalathia's Spine, where generations among the volcanoes have endowed them with rugged bodies and steely resilience.
Here in Ul'dah, they can oft be seen working as mercenaries and sellswords, or armorers and blacksmiths for those with no taste for violence. I suppose the forges remind them of home…
The greatest hindrance in studying the Hellsguard is that they have no patience for Phrontistery members. They regard the alchemical trade as dark and sacrilegious sorcery that spurns the Twelve. I must find a way to study them closer. If only I could somehow procure eight live specimens… <sigh>
(The Seekers of the Sun Miqo'te)
Vavaki: The Seekers of the Sun are a true miracle of evolution at work. Though lean and flexible, they possess immense strength and stamina, and excel at near any physical act - be it bounding amongst the treetops or swimming in rough waters.
Above all that, their powers of expression are also second to none. Yes, Seekers of the Sun make fine study specimens - fine study specimens indeed.
Still, it is the males of the race which remain a near complete mystery. An effective medicine requires detailed study of both the male and female of a species, but male Miqo'te are simply nowhere to be found.
Rumors say that some reside right here in Ul'dah, but they must avoid people like the bloody plague, because I've yet to st eyes on a single one!
(The beast tribes)
(The Amalj'aa)
Vavaki: The Amalj'aa are a lizard-like race of nomadic beastmen who inhabit the environs of Paglth'an to the north and east of Ul'dah, where thy subsist by hunting the region's wildlife.
They are comparable in size to even the largest of Roegadyn, and posses near-inexhaustible stamina as a result of their grueling and rigorous way of life. They could be an immensely valuable ally - if only they could be trusted…
But there is certainly no hop of that in the near future. There has been widespread talk of the Amalj'aa amassing their forces for an assault on Ul'dah. My research to develop a drug to counter their- Oh… Oh dear. Best forget I said that.
(The Qiqirn)
Vavaki: The Qiqirn look, for all intents and purposes, like rats. They are known to have tremendous appetites, which they will sate by feeding on nigh anything - from rotten meat to hot trash. More than once I've tried taking them back to the Phrontistery, only to have them steal away to the storerooms and gorge themselves on medicines until their stomachs burst or their hearts stop or some such ridiculousness.
All the same, they are exceedingly clever things. They know their numbers as well as any scholar, and have a gift for merchant trade, as well. The Phrontistery even employs some to keep their books. In fact, there's a funny story about that.
For no more than a dodo egg, the gluttonous things will even let me stick a- Oooh! Never mind that last part. Well… This is awkward.
(The goblins)
Vavaki: The goblins are short little monstrosities, though amicable enough. Time was they could oft be seen throughout the streets of Ul'dah peddling wares. You will certainly know one if you come across them. They never take off their distinctive masks, and always bear seemingly unbearable packs on their backs.
Some say they only make one great pilgrimage every hundred years to the cities of man. Perhaps now is that time. With every passing sun I hear more and more talk of people claiming to have seen a goblin, or that they've now come back to us.
(Nothing in particular)
(exit dialogue)

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