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Vaan (ヴァン [vaan] in Japanese) is a 17-year-old Hume from Rabanastre in Final Fantasy XII (18 at the time of Revenant Wings). He's 170 cm tall and has blue-gray eyes and platinum blond hair. At the start of the story he has a lot of anger in him, but lives to grow out of it. He has a burning desire to be a sky pirate, which he succeeds in later on, and in Revenant Wings gains captainship of an airship.
Vaan lost his parents when he was 12, and has since been taken care of by Reks, his brother. However, his brother died too, in the war against Archades when he was 15, leaving him only Penelo and other children in Rabanastre to rely on. When he eventually meets Balthier, the older man becomes somewhat of a role model for him.

Vaan is voiced by Bobby Edner in the English version of FF12, and Kouhei Takeda is his Japanese seiyuu.

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Vaan has had quite a few appearances in the FF-TCG series, all but one under the Wind element and the last under the Water element.

tcg_2035.jpg tcg_3035.jpg tcg_3036.jpg tcg_4034.jpg
2-035R Vaan 3-035R Vaan 3-036U Vaan 4-034U Vaan
tcg_7041.jpg tcg_PR011.jpg
7-041S Vaan PR-011 Vaan


While Vaan's name doesn't follow the naming model of Final Fantasy main characters since FF7, his name in development was Aqua.

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