Ursulie is one of the staff of the Drowning Wench, the Adventurers' Guild of Limsa Lominsa in Final Fantasy XIV. She handles hiring out retainers to adventurers.


Ursulie hasn't appeared in any quests so far.


Ursulie: Haven't seen you 'round these parts. Yo new? No? Oh… Well, you need something?
Ah, so you're after a retainer, are you? Is there anything you need to know first?
Retainers are men and women who offer their services in exchange for coin.
They may not have the skills of some of you adventurers, but they're willing to handle some of the tasks that you might not have the time or inclination to see to yourself.
Most rely on the work they do for travelers, merchants, and nobles to feed their families, meaning they're generally eager to please.
I can introduce you to a variety of different people, and let you decide which ones posses the skills you require.
Is there anything else you'd like to know?
(What else would you like to know? Where can they be called?)
Ursulie: In each city-state, you'll find summoning bells located in convenient spots here and ther. Perhaps you have already noticed them.
Retainers each possess special linkpearls that can only be contacted via these bells. If you wish to speak with your retainer, all you have to do is ring one.
Ah, but worry not, for the bells can be found evewyehere - even in the markets.
(What can they do?)
Ursulie: (text missing) services, from tending your items to protecting your gil… Oh, and you need not worry about waking up to find your belongings gone and your retainer nowhere to be found - though that does happen, on occasion, as the Adventurers' Guild will replace any missing items or gil.
Another job retainers are often asked to perform is the tending of bazaars - something many adventurers cannot be bothered to do themselves.
(Hire a retainer)
(text missing)
What do you think of that one?
(Are you absolutely sure you wish to hire the sevices of <Retainer>? Yes)
Ursulie: Excellent. I shall see to all the legalities.
<Retainer>:<ref>This line varies by the retainer you've chosen to hire. The text given is one said by M'naago.</ref> You seem like a nice enough lass. Treat me well and you'll get no less than an honest day's work.
Ursulie: (tet missing) you have any questions regarding the contract, you can always ask me.

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