Unei (ウネイ [une] in Japanese) is an apprentice of Noah and one of the oldest people in the world in addition to Doga and Xande. She was granted power over dreams by her master, and after that has spent a good portion of her time in dreams. She has a pet called Ohm.

She has never had a voice actor to her name.

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It is unknown at what point of her life - or what age of the world - she became a disciple of Noah, or how long she spent with that status. It also isn't known what she has done with her life since Noah left the world.

For hundreds of years before the Warriors of Light appear, she slept in her cave keeping watch over the world. When Xande stopped the flow of time in the world, she escaped the curse because its power didn't reach into the world of dreams. While hiding from Xande's power she saw something else in the world of dreams than just Xande - an ominous being full of darkness.

Her first meeting with Luneth is right after he and the other Warriors gain the power of the Water Crystal. She contacts him while he's unconscious - in the world of dreams - to search out Doga on the continent of Dalg.
The Warriors later wake her up with the aid of Noah's Lute. She helps them obtain the airship Invincible before going to meet with Doga. When they judge the Warriors ready for it, she battles them to death with him. The deaths of the two disciples bestows the Syrcus Key and the Eureka Key upon the Warriors.


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Unei has appeared once in the FF-TCG series under the Earth element.

9-083R Unei



When Unei was originally designed, she had was designed with an alternate version as well (pictured to the right).
The alternate version was never included in the game, but it made an appearance in the Legend of Eternal Wind manga released shortly after the game itself. In it, the alternate art was how Unei looked when young and still looks in the world of dreams. It is unknown how close this usage is to the originally intended usage (if any).

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