Uka Totlihn

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Uka Totlihn is a character from Final Fantasy XI. She has appeared during the Sunbreeze Festival since 2009, the second year of the appearance of the Superheroine Stage Show Mumor. It isn't known exactly if Uka is a real person or a staged show character entirely. This page treats her claimed story as being real.
Uka was originally a member of the Four Archfiends of Ullegor the Demon King, but Mumor and her fans brought her over to the good side. It isn't entirely clear where on Vana'diel she's from, but she has the power of Learn, with which she could learn (or at least imitate) Mumor's super-heroine dances.

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Early Years

Not much is known about Uka Totlihn's early life, other than that she was without love enough that when Ullegore discovered her abilities with mimicry, he could easily win her over to his side with some praise. Ullegore then raised Uka to become the ultimate counter to Mumor, to steal her dances and then use them against her to win.

The plan came to fruition eventually (summer 2008), when Uka followed after Mumor's tour of the Middle Lands in the guise of Ullegor himself and observed her shows and her Dancing Force so she could learn Mumor's dances. Next year the plan came in effect in earnest when Uka and Ullegore arranged for her her own tour using Mumor's dances. The plan was successful enough that some of Mumor's crowds were drawn away from her shows and to Uka's. The conflict was ended when Mumor defeated Uka with her own dances and the aid of her cheering fans. Uka then realized that her true love was for dancing, not anything else, and joined Mumor in their newly-formed dancing duo the Mighty Maidens.

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Uka Totlihn is a Mithra girl of average height, platinum blonde almost shoulder-length hair and bright blue eyes. She habitually wears purple, and her most recognizable accessory is the jester's hat, a two-pointed purple hat with bells on both points and some decorations just above the forehead.

On her feet Uka prefers traditional Mithran sandals and on her legs scale leggings. Her gloves are a blue mage's gloves, appropriate for a mimic like her. Her habitual armor of choice is a demon harness.


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