Tyro (デシ [deci] in Japanese) is the protagonist of Final Fantasy Record Keeper. He's the young genius apprentice of Dr Mog at the Royal Archives, and one of the only three natives of the FFRK world seen in the game. He loves history. Nothing else is known about him.

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At the start of the game, Tyro is remarked to be the youngest and newest disciple Dr Mog has. However, he's also the best he has, so when the paintings at the Royal Archives lose their pictures, Dr Mog sends him to retrieve the memories. This starts Tyro's journey into the iconic moments of the Final Fantasy worlds.



Tyro is a young boy, approximately 10 years or less. He has light brown hair and blue eyes. He wears the standard blue robes and hat of a Royal Archives employee with a yellow neck tie. It's not apparent from the art picture, but the pixel version reveals that he wears pants of the same blue, as well as shoes or boots of some brown leather.


"Dr Mog! The kingdom is in chaos! What's happened?!"
-first line of Tyro's in Record Keeper

"It's been forbidden to come this far up until now…the paintings are beyond here, right?"
-first time in the Gallery of Records, Record Keeper


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