Tyon is a botanist in Ul'dah in Final Fantasy XIV. He's known to help out an aspiring botanist or two and point them in the direction of the guild when appropriate.


Tyon is not involved in any quests


Tyon: We had heard that Ala Mhigo's armies were more than enough to fight off the Garlean invasion from the northeast. Tidings of her demise were…disheartening, to say the least.
And now there is word that Garlemald has made a stronghold of the ruins. It is from there that they launch their winged monstrosities, such as the one which destroyed our own airship.
Their juggernauts have been spotted in the skies over every part of the realm, and their silver-clad soldiers are becoming a regular sight in the borderlands. Aye, it would seem the Garleans mean to unleash their full wrath on Eorzea.

Category: People

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