Torte (トルテ [torute] in Japanese) is a sage (or sage-aspirant) from 4 Heroes of Light. When younger he has high goals and is a bit bashful, but as he grows older he seems to gain more patience and grows into the title of a sage. While his exact position in Arbor is unknown, he appears to be an aide and/or student to Queen of Arbor. In human form he has reddish-brown hair and wears spectacles. In mouse form his fur is the same shade as his hair. His age is unknown, but should be around 30, or at the very least late 20s.

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Early Years

Torte's past is completely unknown, not even the country of his birth is mentioned. However, his cloak somewhat resembles those seen in Urbeth.

4 Heroes of Light


During the flashback portion of the game the young Torte - in his human form - has just reached Arbor. He arrived in search of the legendary white magic in order to become a sage.
He bumbles around the roots of the Great Tree, and reaches the place where the spell is sealed right after the Warriors of Light. He then proceeds to take the spell, releasing the sealed demon Belphegor in the process. Horrified, he runs to the Queen of Arbor and tells her what happened, and is changed into a mouse for what he's done.
To try to make things better, he goes off to Mt Gulg with Arbaroc, the guardian of Arbor, to try stop the demon. Naturally, his power proves insufficient, and even Arboroc cannot beat the demon. The Warriors then arrive to defeat him. Back in Arbor, Torte is changed into a human as a reward for his aid, and gives the spell to the Warriors. However, he agrees to study under the guidance of the Queen, and for that purpose changes back into a mouse.

It is unknown how the events went in the original timeline. It's possible that he managed to unseal the demon by himself, thus condemning him into mouse form. Arbaroc, without the power of the Warriors, was then somehow taken over or corrupted by the demon, and to prevent further human involvement in Arbor a barrier was put into place preventing any humans from entering. However, this is mere speculation. All that is known is that Torte ended up a mouse, Arbaroc corrupted, and Arbor behind a barrier.

In this original timeline Aire, one of the Warriors, ended up in Arbor, and in order to save Brandt who was changed to stone by the barrier she teamed up with Torte to find the staff that changes humans into animals. They succeed in finding it, and Brandt is brought safely into Arbor. Afterwards, the three head up the Great Tree to find Arbaroc in order to seek his help for the cursed Horne. However, Arbaroc is corrupted and attacks them. The last is seen of Torte he stays by the Queen's side.

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