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Tilika Tawantyn (テテオ=タワンティン [teteo tawantyn] in Japanese) in Ring of Fates is the only daughter of King Kolka of Rebena Te Ra and his wife Merchess, making Tilika the only heir to the throne of Rebena Te Ra. She is quite young, although her exact age cannot be determined for the game's ending. For the duration of the game however, she died at age 9.
She has bright red hair and eyes, and due to her parentage is half-Selkie half-Clavat. She inherited the power of Starsingers from her mother. She appears to be an intelligent young girl who is burdened by her responsibilities for the majority of the game, although the two novels of the game reveal that she has her playful side as well. Since Tilika's mother was sister of Aleria, that makes Yuri and Chelinka her cousins.

Her voice actor is Etsuko Kozakura in the Japanese version.



Early Years

Tilika was born to her mother Merchess in the royal city of Rebena Te Ra. However, not too long after her birth Merchess died. Even despite this, the earliest years of her life were spent in happiness, doted on by her father, her aunt and her tutor Meeth Crym. She was taught something of the powers the Starsingers wield, although it's not known at what point this happened.

When she was 9 years old, the day Rela Cyel fell, Tilika was sent to Rela Cyel under the guise of an observation tour.1 However, the real reason of her presence was because king Kolka had gotten wind of some strange happenings at the Crystal Temple, and wanted to send Tilika to safety. Latov and Aleria were to get her somewhere far away from Rela Cyel.
However, before the plan was brought into action, that night there was a storm, and the lake started overflowing despite best measures to stop it. When Aleria tried getting Tilika out of Rela Cyel, Cu Chaspel appeared and took her away. Aleria and Latov chased them down to Rela Cyel's deepest levels, but didn't manage to save Tilika, who had already been sealed inside the Rela Cyel Crystal when the two arrived. Tilika, in order to save the two, ended up burning out her own power and killing herself in the process.

The game doesn't give any hint if Tilika knew time was passing while she was dead. However, the novels have her spending her time in the Abyssus Forest as a spirit, and sometimes checking in on Yuri and Chelinka's life, who she knew to be the people who would set things right.

Ring of Fates

The first time Tilika the ghost appears is to Yuri and Chelinka in the Valley of Heroes. However, the two flee from her right away. They later meet in the abandoned section of Rebena Te Ra, where the same thing happens.

Their third meeting isn't until the twins make it to the dead Rela Cyel Crystal with Alhanalem and Meeth Crym. When Yuri is dying from having used his power alone and Chelinka screams for help, Tilika appears and uses some of her last power, concealed within the robe she was wearing at the time of her death, to revive Yuri. At that time it is finally revealed to the twins who she is.

Her final appearance in story mode is after her father has gotten injured by Cu Chaspel and Yuri and Chelinka sent to Kilanda Isle as the culprits. After they return, she appears once more with Chelinka's power and encourages her father to keep on living, for her sake too.

After the story mode's ending, in the new world, Tilika is alive, unlike in any of the other possible worlds before Galdes's defeat. In this new world, towards the multiplayer mode's ending, king Kolka retires from the throne and makes Tilika the new queen with the support of the people of Rebena Te Ra.


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Teteo has one appearance in the FF-TCG series under the Water element.

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