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Tidus (ティーダ [tida] in Japanese) is a blitzball player from Zanarkand Abes from the world of Spira in Final Fantasy X. While he appears human, he is actually a being escaped from the Dream Zanarkand, although he closely resembles Shuyin, a real person from the Zanarkand of the past. He's 17 years old at the start of the game, is 175 cm tall and has blue eyes and blond hair. He has a lot of rage inside of him, but usually hides it away and pretends to be an airhead.
His father is Jecht, and while his mother was presented in the game her name isn't known. After Jecht's disappearance, his mother killed herself. When Tidus ended up in the real world he fell in love with Yuna in the duration of her pilgrimage.

His seiyuu in the Japanese version of the game is Masakazu Morita for the teenage Tidus and Yuuto Nakamura for the child Tidus, while the English voice actors are James Arnold Taylor for teenage and Cree Summer for child Tidus. Both the teenage version voice actors returned for Dissidia.

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Early Years


Tidus was born to his father Jecht and his unnamed mother in Dream Zanarkand. His earliest years he spent idolizing but loathing his father, the former due to his skills in blitzball and the latter due to his mother concentrating on Jecht to the exclusion of everything else. It appears to have always been Jecht who told her to take care of Tidus when she did do so.
Tidus as a child cried a lot and was a bit clumsy, and his father teased him about that a lot. Misunderstanding his intentions brought another reason for the young Tidus to rage against his father.

His life changed after his father left on his own for a couple days to practice blitzball. He never came back from his trip, and his mother wasted away pining after him, dying soon after. While it is unknown how and with whom he spent the time after he was orphaned, at least at some points during this time period his father's friend Auron looked after him.

At some point, Tidus took up blitzball. He eventually became a star player and gained lots of fans, playing in the Zanarkand Abes. This is the situation the first game finds him in.

Final Fantasy X

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Final Fantasy X-2

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Tidus was brought into the fragmented world of Dissidia for the 12th cycle (possibly 11th, but not any earlier than that). He awakened on the side of Chaos with no memories, like all new warriors. It is unknown how he spent the first half of the cycle before manikins were released into the world.

Some time after a way to the Rift was opened and manikins had flooded the world, Tidus was wandering alone and encountered a girl. This girl was Yuna. He didn't recognize her, but after he ran she followed after him. When she finally caught up with him, the encounter didn't end well. He protected her from the Emperor's attack and was dying. His participation in the cycles would have been cut very short indeed if his father Jecht hadn't been in the same location as well. He gave Tidus all of his energy, allowing him to live but for Jecht himself to weaken so much as to be taken over by Chaos.
The end result was that Tidus was brought over to the side of Cosmos in the next cycle, while Jecht was forcibly awakened at the side of Chaos.


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Tidus has appeared quite a few times in the FF-TCG, under the element of Water.

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1-133S Tidus 1-134U Tidus 7-112L Tidus
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PR006 Tidus PR044 Tidus PR048 Tidus

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