Thata Khamazom

Thata Khamazom is a sergeant of the Knights of the Barracuda sub-division Yellwojackets in Final Fantasy XIV. She's stationed at the entrance from central Limsa Lominsa to the Southern Islands, where the Sailors Ward and the Market Wards are located.


Thata Khamazom is not involved in any quests


Thata Khamazom: 1st Squadron 5th Levy Infantry, Yellowjacket Sergeant Thata Khamazom. I oversee all traffic to and from the Southern Islands.

(What are the Southern Islands?)
Thata Khamazom: The Southern Islands are a myriad of tiny, wind-blown rocks connected by hundreds of wooden and rope bridges. On some of the rocks are built the homes of the city's citizens. These islands are called the Sailors Ward. Still, on other rocks, you'll find the ateliers and laboratoriums of countless different trades. These make up the market wards.
Is there anything else?
(What is the Sailors Ward?)
Thata Khaamzom: On nearly half of the Southern Islands you'll find nothing but street after street of tightly packed houses, built up, rather than out, due to the lack of space on the rocks.
You'll still find your share of sailors living in the area, but don't think that because it's named after them, that's all you'll find there. This is where most all of the city-state's laborers come home each night to eat a hot meal and sleep away their hurts before trodding off to work the next day.
(What are the market wards?)
Thata Khamazom: Crafters and merchants, mongrels and mongers, those who cannot afford to set up shop in Hawkers' Ally all congregate in the many islands of the market wars. Once, each island housed shops and workshops of separate professions, as you can see by looking at the names of the wards.
However, the recent influx of adventurers buying up empty stalls and selling their random bits of plunder wherever they please has changed how the islands look…whether for better of worse, I cannot say.
(What can you tell me about Maelstrom Command?)
Thata Khamazom: Shhh! Not so loud! You wouldn't want our enemies to hear you now, would you? The location of Maelstrom Command must be kept a secret if we are to emerge victorious in our fight against the Garlean Empire.
If I told everyone who walked by that the Grand Company's headquarters were two streets down from the Frippers' Ward on the easternmost leg of the Southern Islands, why then, what sort of Barracuda would that make me?
(Where is central Limsa Lominsa?)
Thata Khamazom: Why, you're standing in it! All the important lcoations are right here. From the Bridge, the Admiral rules the thalassocracy. From the Coral Tower, the Knights of the Barracuda maintain the peace.
You'll also find Hawkers' Alley, the Ferry Docks, as well as several of Limsa's better-established guilds, including Naldiq & Vymelli's and Mealvaan's Gate.
But if you're looking to make some coin, well…I think you'd have a better chance behind me.

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