Thancred Waters

Thancred Waters (サンクレッド [thancred] in Japanese) is a Hyur bard from Limsa Lominsa in Final Fantasy XIV. He appeared in Ul'dah some 20 years past, inquiring after the current situation of the sultanate. He's known to be present in current-day Ul'dah as well.
He's a bit whimsical in nature, but when the situation requires it he has a keen wit and a serious and studious nature. In general he courts the ladies and knows just the ways to flatter them, but if this is part of his information-gathering job or what he is is unknown.

Thancred has a voice actor (only English one), but who he is is unknown.

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In the past


Thancred grew up in the streets of Limsa Lominsa. His age is unknown, and he appears to not have aged a day between 20 years ago and the present day.

Thancred appeared in Ul'dah the day of a big festival. There were fireworks and a big parade. However, during the parade a goobbue got free. Thancred was one of the people who defeated it, but not before a man, a certain Warburton died due to its rampage, orphaning his daughter Ascilia.

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Circle of Knowing

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Thancred is a hyur of medium-ish height and ash-blond hair. He has the Sharlayan mark of an Archon on his neck.
He wears a black tunic with straps of leather belts over his left shoulder and a black belt on his waist. This all over a white long-sleeved shirt and white fingerless gloves. His pants are a metallic-looking green and he wears some sort of black leather greaves, heavily patterned, over them. He also has sandals, and uses a dagger in combat.


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