Syro Fulke

Serpent Lieutenant (later Serpent Sergeant First Class) Syro Fulke was a high-ranking officer of the Order of the Twin Adder in Final Fantasy XIV version 1.x. He could be found at the Adders' Nest, handling all day-to-day affairs of interacting with the adventurer division of the Adders.


Grand Company quests
Breaking the Seals (start)
Why Did it Have to Be Snakes (start)
The Mail Must Get Through (start)
Imperial Devices (start)
Their Finest Hour (start)
Appetite for Destruction (start)


(talk when not a member)
Serpent Lieutenant Fulke: You are come to the Adders' Nest, command center of the Order of the Twin Adder. If you haven't reason to be here, pray take your leave.

(talk before joining)
Serpent Lieutenant Fulke: You are come to the Adders' Nest, command center of the Order of the Twin Adder. Ever do we welcome they who would toil in the elementals' name for the survival and well-being of our forest nation.
The whispers reveal to me that you are yet a sapling, where our Order has need of stout oaks. You must grow stronger if you are to entwine your roots - and destiny - with ours. Prove you have the fortitude to weather the fiercest of storms - for none is fiercer than that now brewing - and thence return here once more.

(talk as a recruit)
Serpent Lieutenant Fulke: Though you are but a new inductee, our Order places great hope in the promise of your deeds to come. Pray do not betray our faith in you.

(talk as a member)
Serpent Lieutenant Fulke: <rank> <Lastname>. You're ever welcome here at the Adders' Nest. Is there aught you need?

(talk during Foundation Day, first time)
Serpent Lieutenant Fulke: In the spirit of Foundation Day, members of our Order are being issued a special allowance in Serpent Seals. May it grant you a measure of joy.
(talk during Foundation Day, second time)
Serpent Lieutenant Fulke: For the duration of the Foundation Day celebration, mission rewards will be augmented with a special allowance. May it grant you a measure of joy.

(choose to apply for promotion)
Serpent Lieutenant Fulke: Your unquenchable determination does my spirit well! To rise to the next rank, I require of you a submission of <#> Serpent Seals. This sum serves as proof of your contribution to the Order. Are you ready to make the ascent?
(decline promotion)
Serpent Lieutenant Fulke: Ah, come now, there is no need to be coy. Perchance you have miscounted your seals. Might I suggest undertaking a mission or two in the service of the Order?
(take promotion)
Serpent Lieutenant Fulke: 'Tis plain you have done much good in the name of the Order. A thoroughly deserved promotion!
You have earned the right to be called <rank>. Allow me to be the first to congratulate you. I pray you will strive to attain still greater heights, for the sake of Gridania and all who love peace.

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