Sylvia Wayres

A Hume white mage in the FFXI Novel Series.
She was married to Flam Wayres and has one daughter, called Iris, with him. Not much is known about her personality. She is currently dead.

She used to adventure with Flam, Max, Gracq, Palm and Taffy. She met with Flam seven years before her death, although it isn't known if that was before the party formed or if the party forming was her first time meeting him. Nevertheless, the two eventually fell in love, and had Iris 15 years before the start of the series. This caused the party to break up, as none of them wanted to endanger an infant. She and Flam settled into San d'Oria where they owned a house.
When Iris was four years old, the party regrouped to escort Sylvia, Flam and Iris into Windurst. Sylvia and Flam had decided that it was better for Iris to grow up in the city of magic since she had started exhibiting magical talent a bit before. However, on the way to Windurst, on the Mhaura-Selbina ferry, the undead attacked. Both Sylvia and Flam died.

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