Sylbyrt is a marauder who could be found at the Carline Canopy in Gridania of Final Fantasy XIV version 1.x. He would guide fledgling marauders to the guild in Limsa Lominsa when came time for their class quests.


The Ultimate Prank


Sylbyrt: Have you heard of the magical tree stump within the Twelveswood? One need only place a broken item upon it - be it toy, tool, or weapon - and it will be mended shortly after.
It is the work of the moogles, who speak to the elementals within. Or so the Gridanians would have you believe.

(talk on MRD20+)
Sylbyrt: The forest isn't kind to us. You need open space to make an axe sing, not trees closing in on all sides.
I suggest you make for Limsa Lominsa. The sight of one of her brine-soaked brutes in full swing is all the proof you'll need that you've gone to the right place.
The Marauders' Guild has set up shop there as well, aboard a docked vessel called the Astalicia. But you didn't hear none of that from me, savvy?
It's no easy trek, mind you. You could do worse than put in at Ul'dah along the way.

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