Swethyna is a Lancer and a Wood Wailer from Gridania, and bears the title Lord Commander among the Wailers. She features heavily in the main quests of the city. As she doesn't appear during the present, it may be that her position in the Wailers was only some 10 years ago, not at the present.


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Swethyna is a Midlander Hyur with shoulder-length dark brown hair. She is always wearing a Wailer mask (purple in color), so nothing can be said about the features of her face.
Along with the purple Wailer mask, she wears a purple scale armor and thigh-high armored boots, both featuring purple heavily. Her armor also has some bright green portions, the same color as her belt.
Her weapon is a harpoon with some bone shell at its tip, as well as brown feathers.


"In the hands of a master, the polearm will enver allow an enemy within arm's reach. All the better, once you've lopped off their arms."
-from the official site

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