Storm Private

This page details the Storm Privates who handle the aethernet within Limsa Lominsa. Each is stationed at an aether shard of some kind that can teleport people and goods short distances - the distances of the city.
The locations of the destinations within Limsa Lominsa are listed below together with the Privates who are stationed at the locations. However, in addition to those, there are two unmanned locations, allowing only out-bound traffic. These are located close to the city's border at the Procession of Terns and right outside the city by the Zephyr Gate.


stormabel_ff14.jpg stormgardner_ff14.jpg stormhunt_ff14.jpg
Storm Private Abel Storm Private Gardner Storm Private Hunt
Fisherman's Bottom Aetheryte Plaza Ferry Docks
stormpotter_ff14.jpg stormrich_ff14.jpg stormstone_ff14.jpg
Storm Private Potter Storm Private Rich Storm Private Stone
Bismarck The Drowning Wench The Octant


Note that each Storm Private of this function has the same script.

(no aetherpass)
Storm Private: The aethernet was created first and foremost for the swift conveyance of soldiers in times of peril. You need to present a writ of permission called a Lominsan aetherpass if you wish to use it.
Aetherpasses can be obtained from Storm Sergeant Grizzly Gnat at Maelstrom Command in exchange for company seals. But I hear grasping scoundrels also sell them on the black market, damn their hides.

(in possession of an aetherpass)
Storm Private: Like hidden web of ceaseless currents, the aethernet nourishes the roiling sea that is Limsa Lominsa.
(choose destination)
Storm Private: May the ather fill your sails! /
May you arrive safely at your destination!

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