Stiltzkin (FFCC)

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An adventurer Moogle whose origin and age are both unknown. While the moogles in the Crystal Chronicles world seem to have big families, his is unknown. He travels the world in search of answers to uncomfortable or just plain important questions, and is well versed in the situation around the world.

Note that it isn't know if all these appearances of Stiltzkin are the same moogle, or different moogles with the exact same name, appearance and outlook on life.


Ring of Fates

Stiltzkin doesn't have very many appearances in Ring of Fates. In the beginning of the game, he appears in the small village where Yuri, Chelinka and their guardians live. He appears to know at least Latov and Alhanalem from before, possibly also Meeth Crym. It is apparent from the dialogue that he travels the world extensively, and has visited the village before since the birth of the twins.
After Stiltzkin leaves the village he isn't seen again, but the in-game explanation of all the guiding notice boards scattered around the dungeons is that Stiltzkin told a bunch of moogles to distribute them to make the lives of the twins easier.

Crystal Chronicles


In the beginning of the original game Stiltzkin teaches some basic skills to Tipa's fledgling caravan. They also meet him at every Miasma Stream they cross, telling them of what he's encountered around the world, and of his doubts about the origin of Moogles, them being the only non-monster capable of walking around in miasma without getting hurt by it.

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My Life as a King

Stiltzkin in My Life as a King appears to be good friends with Epitav, the king of a nation destroyed by miasma. He appears in Padarak one day, looking for his old friend. When he discovers that Epitav is missing, he agrees to stay for a while and help out King Leo with his extensive knowledge of the world.

It takes the adventurers of Padarak longer than expected to find Epitav, but Stiltzkin stays until they finally find him. Afterwards, he once again sets on his way.

My Life as a Darklord

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Echoes of Time

In Echoes of Time Stiltzkin doesn't do very much adventuring. He has - at least temporarily - settled in Town. He can be found standing around in the dock area of Town, offering a service called the Quest Shoppe. The purpose of this service is to offer townspeople and others in need an easy way to hire mercenaries to get their tasks done. Mostly, this involves killing various monsters around the world.

After successfully completing a quest, it is Stiltzkin who distributes the appropriate reward.


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Stiltzkin has appeared once in the FF-TCG series, bearing the Wind element.

9-068U Stiltzkin

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