Sthalmann (スタルマン [sthalmann] in Japanese), whose name means 'steel man' in the ancient Roegadyn language, is the Commodore of Limsa Lominsa of a dozen years past. After his scheming to become the Admiral without a proper Trident he was demoted and became known by the name Rostnsthal ('rusted steel'). Despite his loss in the game of politics previously, he still harbors high ambitions and isn't averse to using whatever means he can to achieve them. His chosen arms are the musket and the great axe.

While Sthalmann/Rostnsthal has a voice actor, his identity is unknown.


Early Years

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The Commodore

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The Pirate

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Sthalmann is a Sea Wolf Roegadyn of tall stature and heavy features. He has a well-groomed beard lining his jaws and equally well-groomed dark brown (almost black) hair. The color of his skin is pale green with a slight grey-ish tinge. He has three almost vertical scars over his right eye, and that is his most defining feature. It isn't known how he got them, for he had them even in the earliest times he's seen.
During the time Sthalmann was still called by that name and was the Commodore, he wore the rich crimson of the Knights of the Barracuda and golden decorations fitting his rank. Accompanying his fancy coat he had a black tricorne decorated with a skull and swords, as well as boots of red leather of some kind, fitted with black metal plates.

During his time as Rostnsthal he wears considerably less fancy clothing, merely common pants and an undershirt. He still has his tricorne - or another one almost like it in appearance - albeit much more worn.


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In FF14

While Sthalmann isn't playable, he aids you in the Limsa Lominsa introductory quest Shapeless Melody.


There is no trivia concerning Sthalmann/Rostnsthal at the moment.

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