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The Star Sibyl (星の巫女 [hoshi no miko] or 'star maiden' in Japanese) is the current-day ruler of Windurst, only known by her title. See Star Sibyl for history of the title. She seems to have been close with Karaha-Baruha before his summoning of Fenrir.


It is unknown when exactly the current Star Sibyl gained the title for herself, but she was an adult by the time of the Crystal War. The story of that time gives the impression that she had already had the title for some time by that point.


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The Star Sibyl is a Tarutaru with classic-looking style. Her hair is long and black, her eyes dark brown and her skin olive dark. She wears a headdress of white cloth with pin, dark blue and gold decorations that covers all of her hair except for her bangs. The dress she wears is sky-blue and is held close with a pink sash. The dress and its attached apron have decorative figures on it in light purple, and both the sleeves and the hem have a thick dark blue band of color.
The Star Sibyl always carries the symbol of her position, a necklace of gold with a very big dark blue orb on it. It is unclear what exactly is the function of this orb, but all Star Sibyls appear to have carried it.


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Star Sibyl has appeared once in the FF-TCG, with the element of light.

5-154R Star Sibyl


While FF11 hasn't had any Play Arts appearances, a tarutaru Mini Trading Arts collection was released. The Star Sibyl was one of the figurines in this collection.

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