Smydhaemr sells materials for blacksmiths and some BSM-made products at Naldiq & Vymelli's in Limsa Lominsa.


Smydhaemr is not involved in any quests.


Smydhaemr: Smydhaemr's th' name, an' this 'ere's Naldiq & Vymelli's - home t' all thigns blacksithin'. 'Ere t' use th' shop, are ye? Ye'll 'ave t' be more specific.

(Ask about blacksmiths)
(What does a blacksmith do?)
Smydhaemr: What do we do? 'Ow 'boutt chew on ore all day 'til ingots come tumblin' out our arses? What do we do, 'e asks… Ha! We tame th' fires of th' forge! We breathe life into cold, 'ard steel! We make sure ye adventurers' fightin' sticks is all sharp an' pointy. THAT is what we do! An' Byregot damn ye fer askin'!
(Where can I obtain crafting materials?)
Smydhaemr: Might be that I have some slag I'd consider partin' with if th' price was right. If that ain' tt' yer likin', then ye can always take yer business t' Hawkers' Alley or th' market wards. I reckon there be more 'an an 'andful o' addle-brained 'venturers sittin' on a gold mine but lack th' proper wits t' realize it.
(What can I do with my creations?)
Smydhaemr: Guild 'as its share o' master forgemen been poundin' steel an' smeltin' iron since back before yer ma lost 'er maiden'ood. I'll buy what ye be sellin', but don't think ye'll get any more gelt than th' price o' the metal itself. If ye're keen on earnin' some real coin, ye'd best 'ire a retainer an' look t' peddle yer goods down in th' market wards.
(How do I become a better smith?)
Smydhaemr: Well, ye ain't goin' t' get any better cluckin' away like an 'en in 'eat now, are ye? Grab yerself an 'ammer an' a file an' sit yerslef down in front of a cold, 'ard anvil.
An' once ye've learned t' tell th' 'ammer from th' file, then mayhaps ye'd deign t' dirty yer unsooted mitts undertakin' a levequest or two. Mgiht e'en earn a fw gil while ye're at it.
(Nothing in particular)
Smydhaemr: If ye say so.


Steel Baselard - 72,540 gil
Spiked Steel Labrys - 133,056 gil
Copper Ore - 72 gil
Tin Ore - 252 gil
Iron Ore - 1,242 gil
Bronze Ingot - 1,500 gil
Iron Ingot - 5,000 gil
Steel Ingot - 10,500 gil
Bronze Rivets - 600 gil
Iron Rivets - 2,000 gil
Steel Rivets - 4,200 gil
Ragstone Whetstone - 612 gil
Mudstone Whetstone - 1,368 gil

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