Shilgen is a member of Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern of Ul'dah in Final Fantasy XIV. He can be found at the counter of the guild, and handles guild mark exchanges.


Shilgen is not involved in any quests.


Shilgen: Ya can purchase anything ya like, so long as ya got the Miners' Guild marks fer it. If it's gil ya go, best shop elsewhere.

(about guild)
Shilgen: A miner's only as good as his tools. And without them in hand, you'll not be a miner.
Mining starts where you'd think it would - finding mineral deposits. Guild doctrine recognizes ten grades of 'em, represented by a simple numerical scale. We got different techniques for finding 'em, depending on which you're after.
We got what's called secondary tools, as well. Can't mine with 'em, but you can get at outcrops of bedrock well enough. 'Course, mineral deposits and rocky outcrops will yield different hauls.

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