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Sherlotta (シェルロッタ [sherlotta] in Japanese) is a girl from the Village in Echoes of Time. She appears to be a tough girl in no need of protection, although her long life made her feel more than a bit hopeless inside. She has a very dry humor, and is not afraid to use either violence or her age as an excuse to do anything.
In the Japanese version, she is voiced by Marina Inoue.


Early Years


When she was born in the Village 2000 years before Echoes of Time, Sherlotta was just a normal kid, not in any way remarkable among the other kids in the village. She was friends with Eryll and her black kitten.

Then came the day Larkeicus entered the village in search of a crystal. The village was destroyed, but Sherlotta and Eryll's kitten managed to run away at first. Larkeicus chased her down into the Forest, and the two ended up at the Crystal pool. There, the Crystal Core reacted to their presence and ended up taking in both Sherlotta and the kitten. Sherlotta became immortal, but at the price of being somehow fused with the kitten, so she sometimes appears as a kitten when in low energy, and even her human form now had a tail. This even also ended up defeating Larkeicus, if only until his next appearance.

Sherlotta, now alone, brought back the dead villagers to keep her company along the years. 2000 years passed, and Sherlotta's desperation increased.

Then one day, she heard something crying in the Forest. It was a small abandoned baby. She ended up taking it with her, and the other villagers were likewise enchanted with this small child. They ended up building an almost exact replica of the destroyed village on the other side of the Crystal pool, to bring up the baby in. Sherlotta and the child lived together in one of the houses of the newly-built village, and years passed.

Then came the time for the child to come of age.

Echoes of Time

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Sherlotta has appeared once in the FF-TCG series, bearing the Wind element.

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