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Shera (シェラ [shera] in Japanese) is a mechanic from Rocket Town in Final Fantasy VII and its Compilation. She has brown hair in a bony tail and wears glasses. Her age at the time of FF7 itself was 34 years old. She lives (or lived) with Cid Highwind, and the two have gotten rather close over the years.


Nothing much is known about the very early life of Shera, and how she ended up a mechanic. At some point she did, and started working on spacecrafts under Shinra Company's employ. That is also when she ended up in Rocket Town, which is where she likely met Cid Highwind for the first time, her as a mechanic and him as a pilot.

When it came time to launch rocket no 26, everything seemed to be going well. However, Shera was worried and wanted to check over everything one last time, fearing a critical fault. She staid behind in the rocket, even when it was time to launch it. She told Cid, the man in charge, to launch the rocket anyway, even if it meant she wouldn't survive it, but Cid couldn't do it and canceled the launch. The project ended up in failure and the slow demise of the Shinra space program, crushing Cid's dreams of being a space pilot.
Cid of course blames everything on her, and Shera is willing to take it, becoming subservient and trying to fulfill his every wish. This is the situation when Final Fantasy VII starts.

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