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Shantotto (シャントット [shantotto] in Japanese) is a Tarutaru Black Mage from Final Fantasy XI. She has blonde hair in pigtails and brown eyes, and while she looks ever-youthful true to her race, and her exact age is unknown, she must be getting quite old, having already retired from her official position in the government of Windurst, her home country. She is quite bashful and will do anything she desires if the payout is good enough, and this combined with the power of her magic is a dangerous combination to any who would cross her way.
She is widely known for her high-pitched laugh and the pose that goes along with it.

While FF11 doesn't have voice actors, she also appeared in Dissidia where her Japanese seiyuu is Megumi Hayashibara, and English voice actor Candi Milo.

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Early Years

Little is known about Shantotto's early life save that her parents were both Black Mages of some renown. According to Shantotto herself, she was an angelic child, wishing to spread love to the world, though considering the source, this portrayal might be suspect. She went to school in Windurst, most likely the Aurastery, and seemed to have had trouble with courses dealing in curses, passing them with the "aid" of her classmates as test subjects.

When Shantotto finally graduated, her parents divorced, their house got destroyed, and her dog drank her shrinking potion. However, on the "bright" side, Shantotto managed to wipe out a good number of assassins and debt collectors.

Some time later, she rose to the position of the Minister of the Orastery, the ministry in charge of producing War Warlocks.

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Shadow Lord


Sometime close to the start of the Crystal War, either shortly before or shortly after, Shantotto was stripped of her position and exiled from Windurst. However, far from worrying, Shantotto commandeered a Caster Company of Windurst, and aided the allied nations in the events leading up to the Battle of Jeuno.

As she was unmarried and did not have an heir, she raised Ajido-Marujido (and possibly his sister, Apururu) after the war, as his father went missing, and trained him to be the next Orastery Minister.

When Ajido-Marujido became minister, Shantotto retired, and now lives out her life in Windurst Walls. She still exerts a remarkable amount of political influence, however, and often acts as Windurst's ambassador or spokesperson.

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Treasures of Aht Urhgan

Some 20 years after the Crystal War, during the rule of Empress Nashmeira II, Shantotto paid a visit to the Empire of Aht Urhgan under the guise of a Windurstian ambassador named "Karababa", partially out of concern about a letter an adventurer - the player character - brought from Prince Trion, and partially because she was curious how Aht Urhgan Automatons measured up against Windurstian Cardians. For this purpose, she brought with her the King of Hearts, one of the most powerful Cardians.

Shantotto managed to ruffle a great many number of feathers on her trip, likely intentionally. On her arrival, she had an unfriendly run-in with Mnejing, an Automaton belonging to the Royal Puppeteer, Aphmau. She then made herself welcome at Salaheem's Sentinels, where she hired a mercenary - specifically, the player character. This, of course, managed to irritate Aphmau once again, as she claimed the player was her mercenary.

Mercenary in tow, Shantotto went to Aydeewa Subterrane to look for ancient Aht Urhgan technology that insulated puppets better than what Windurst had for Cardians. After "rescuing" Aphmau, who had followed them, Shantotto knocked out Aphmau, her puppet Ovjang, and the player, and left with her insulation sample.

When next she got a hold of the player, Shantotto took a trip to Halvung, where she was to buy a chimera egg from a moblin. However, the deal fell through when the moblin brought in a full-grown chimera and invited the two to fight it out. With the player's help, Shantotto managed to dispose of the chimera and obtain one of its wings as a sample.

As she had a grasp of the situation by then, and found all the experimental materials she needed, Shantotto made ready to go back home. Her last mischief consisted of discussing a Windurstian branch of Salaheem's Sentinels with Naja Salaheem, and rather sneakily retracting it moments later.

Shantotto returned to Aht Urhgan, this time under her own name, when everything settled down at the end, for the Empress's re-coronation.

A Shantotto Ascension

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Shantotto does not play a large part in Dissidia, and acts more as an observer than anything. She is seen conversing with Cosmos at the end of Shade Impulse, but does not appear in the main storyline at any other point. Her role in Dissidia seems to be that of a wanderer who somehow ended up in their world.

Despite not affecting the main storyline, however, Shantotto does have her own side story, entitled "The Lady of Legend", where the player somehow gets trapped in her realm, and she offers a way out in exchange for help in way of automaton extermination. When the player makes it to the end, however, she presents herself the final challenge before they are able to leave. She becomes playable after completion of Distant Glory: The Lady of Legend.



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Shantotto has several appearances in the FF-TCG series, bearing the Earth element.

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