Shamani Lohmani

Shamani Lohmani is a Lalafell from Final Fantasy XIV. While the two could conceivably be two different people, there is a Shamani Lohmani in both 1.x and 2.0+ versions of the game, and they appear to look relatively the same. Thus, the two are treated as the same character on this page.

Shamani Lohmani was originally an Ala Mhigan refugee, and after reaching Ul'dah he was employed by the Platinum Mirage. Before the Calamity he could be found at the guild hall in Ul'dah. At some point, he joined the Company of Heroes. During the Calamity or in the events leading up to it, he lost his sight, and eventually ended up apprenticed as a vintner in Wineport, where he can be found currently.


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Class quests (1.x)
The House Always Wins (talk)
Culture Shock (instance)


(in version 1.x)
Shamani Lohmani: So tell me, traveler, what of our Ul'dah here has surprised you the most?
I must say, I myself was astonished by the lack of violence in the city, given all I'd heard of the struggles for power and money. We Ala Mhigans may not be welcomed by all, but I've not seen so much as a single stone thrown here in the name of hatred.

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