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Shadow Lord (闇の王 [yami no ou] or 'king of darkness' in Japanese) is the corrupted alter-ego of Raogrimm in Final Fantasy XI. He was born from rage and hates the world enough to attempt to throw it into everlasting war.
The Shadow Lord was in actual fact the person behind the start of the Crystal War.

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The Shadow Lord Arc


After becoming the Shadow Lord, he quick gained the (willing or unwilling) allegiance of the beastmen and commanded them forward to attack the three nations of the middle lands. This resulted in the Crystal War, which lasted for several years.
At the end of those several years the Shadow Lord's forces were countered by a combined attack of the mightiest armies of the three nations. A squad of heroes infiltrated his castle Xarcabard's throne room and while they weren't able to defeat the Shadow Lord entirely, they made him fall to a deep sleep akin to a coma.

From this sleep he didn't awaken for some 20 years. After that time had passed, his consciousness started returning from his sleep, and he started gathering the beastmen under his banner yet again, still largely unconscious. However, this time his efforts were noticed at a relatively early phase, and plans were set in motion to put an early end to it. This resulted in an adventurer (the player character) along with Zeid and Lion to infiltrate the castle in imitation of 20 years past. There, they encountered the Shadow Lord who rose from his long sleep.
After a long battle, the Shadow Lord was defeated. He gained back his memories and reason from the times he was still Raogrimm, and held back the Ark Angels the Zilartian princes also present in the throne room had summoned forth.

For some time it was presumed he died in the effort, and in a way he did. However, his soul was trapped in the Dynamis dimension, where he became the Dynamis Lord, barely holding on to the fragments of his reason to warn and aid the adventurer (player character) on the way to defeating him.


While the Shadow Lord has many characteristics of a galka, the features are exaggerated and he is much about twice the height of an average galka. He also has horns on his head and growing out of his chest and back, and what appear to be protective plates all over his body. The skin/armor of his body is gray-white leading to light purple, as well as darker purple crystallized parts.


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The Shadow Lord has appeared twice in the FF-TCG, with the element of Dark.

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5-160R Shadow Lord PR-066 Shadow Lord

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