Serpent Private

This page details the Serpent Privates who handle the aethernet within Gridania. Each is stationed at an aether shard of some kind that can teleport people and goods short distances - the distances of the city.
The locations of the destinations within Gridania are listed below together with the Privates who are stationed at the locations. However, in addition to those, there are two unmanned locations, allowing only out-bound traffic. These are located outside the city lines at the Mistalle and Berlends bridges.


serpentcarver_ff14.jpg serpenthill_ff14.jpg serpentholmes_ff14.jpg
Serpent Private Carver Serpent Private Hill Serpent Private Holmes
Atelier Fen-Yll Carline Canopy Quiver's Hold
serpentkirk_ff14.jpg serpentstone_ff14.jpg serpentwhite_ff14.jpg
Serpent Private Kirk Serpent Private Stone Serpent Private White
Wailing Barracks The Whistling Miller Aetheryte Plaza


Note that each Serpent Private of this function has the same script.

(no aetherpass)
Serpent Private: Anyone who wants to travel the aethernet must have a Gridanian aetherpass. No exceptions.
When unforeseen peril threatens, this device transports our sodiers quickly to the source. We can't have every man and his dog clogging up the aether byways at such a time. Hence the need for aetherpasses.
These writs of permission are distributed at the Adder's Nest in exchange for company seals. But some scoundrels have taken to trading them on the black market. Does their greed know no bounds!?

(in possession of an aetherpass)
Serpent Private: Like roots reaching deep into the soil, the aethernet supports and nourishes the great tree that is Gridania.
(choose a destination)
Time to fly the aether! /
Prepare to enter the aether!

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