Seikfrae is a Roegadyn gladiator who could be found in the Carline Canopy of Gridania in Final Fantasy XIV version 1.x. He would send fledgling gladiators to the guild in Ul'dah when came their time to complete a class quest.


Seikfrae is not involved in any quests.


Seikfrae: In my time here, more than one of my friends has gone missing. Taken by the elementals, the others say, for their sins against the wood.
Aye, it would seem this Black Shroud was not named without reason - its perils rival even its beauty, or so most think.
But me? I make their vanishing the work of the Garleans, or perhaps the Ixal. Not that it makes much matter.

(talk on GLA20+)
Seikfrae: Come and hear what Seikfrae has to tell you, friend. I may be poor as a pauper, but playing at words with me will serve you better than playing at swords with most.
The Coliseum in Ul'dah welcomes all who wish to walk the path of the warrior. For those with strength and skill, greatness awaits.
The Gladiators' Guild will take you in as one of their own. Go there, and learn what you can.
And while you're there, tell my guildbrothers and sisters that their Seikfrae has fallen upon hard times in the forest, and to send what gil they can.

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