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Princess Sara Altney (サラ·アルテニー [sara altney] or サラ姫 [sara-hime] in Japanese) is the only daughter of King Sasune in Final Fantasy III. She has rooms in the eastern tower of Castle Sasune where she lives with her maid.
She seems to be a mage - more specifically a White Mage, for she casts offensive and defensive white magic spells in battle - but not much else is known of her interests. She appears conscious of her own limits, although she laments this various times, making it clear that she would rather be out in the world rather than stuck in the castle. She is shown to be in love with Ingus. She's 21 years old at the start of the game.

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Nothing is known about the early life of Princess Sara. The Mognet sidequest in the 3D remake hints that she had a close connection to her late mother, as she is shown to be desperate to have her keepsake, a pendant, fixed. She has also obviously come in contact with Ingus reasonably often for them to have developed feelings for each other, but how even this happened is unknown.

When the Djinn placed a curse upon the Kingdom of Sasune, Sara did not hesitate to go to the Sealed Cave in order to seal him in the Mythril Ring, although she would later admit to Ingus that she was afraid during this period. The Warriors of Light eventually caught up with her and asked her to return to the kingdom but she refused, determined to see the Djinn's sealing through. She aided them in the battle against the Djinn and sealed him in the ring. Afterwards, the Warriors of Light vanished, leaving Sara to return home alone.

The Warriors of Light eventually returned to Castle Sasune and met up with Sara. She guided them to the spring underneath the castle and threw the ring in, lifting the curse. She later ran to her room in tears, having caught wind that the Warriors of Light, and thus Ingus by extension, would be leaving and deciding that she couldn't face him as he left. Ingus could optionally visit her room, upsetting her to the point of tears. Either way, she swallows her feelings and sees the Warriors of Light off as they go.

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In official artwork, Sara wears a flowing blue dress with a light blue cape, a headpiece, a neckpiece, black and yellow gloves, and a breast window with a blue bra. This design was simplified for Sara's appearance in the remake, retaining many of the same features.
In the manga, Sara's design is simpler, albeit more sexualized: consisting of a bra, briefs and cape with pauldrons. Her hairpiece is similar to the Amano artwork.


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Princess Sara has one appearance in the FF-TCG series, bearing the Light element.

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