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Sage Tellah (賢者テラ [kenja tellah] or 'sage tellah' in Japanese) is a famed mage from Mysidia1 in Final Fantasy IV. His wife (deceased) and him had one daughter, Anna, at his later years while he lived in Kaipo. At the start of the game he's 60 years old, 177 cm tall and weighs 48 kg. He's right-handed.

The original game didn't have voice acting, but this was added in the DS version. In that version, Tellah was voiced by Gorou Naya in Japanese and Lee Everest in English.

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Early Years

Tellah was presumably born in the City of Magic, Mysidia. Even if this was not the case, he ended up there early on in his life, and started studying magic. He became a scholar-mage of much renown, famed for his abilities and his feats in unsealing ancient magic.2. He was also friends with a certain Minwu, who at some point became the Elder of Mysidia, the leader of the city.

Eventually, however, Tellah's studies took him too far. He managed to unleash a powerful magic that he couldn't control (whether this is Meteor or not is unknown). Many mages were injured due to this incident, and Tellah left Mysidia in shame.

At some point after leaving Mysidia, he ended up in the oasis village of Kaipo, where he married a common woman, and the two eventually had a child, Anna. Tellah's fame was not known in Kaipo, and they led what was presumably uneventful regular lives in the village. Tellah's wife died when Anna was still young, and the father and the daughter continued living by the two of them.

One day, a bard (the prince of Damcyan in disguise) came to Kaipo3, and Anna fell in love. The two of them eloped to Damcyan. Tellah was determined to go after the two, and this is where the start of the game finds him.


Final Fantasy IV

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The After Years

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Tellah appeared twice in the FF-TCG, with the element of Fire.

tcg_2010.jpg tcg_6009.jpg
2-010U Tellah 6-009R Tellah

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