Ryid Uruk

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Ryid Uruk [リィド・ウルク [ryid uruk] in Japanese) is an Agito cadet at Peristerium Suzaku in Final Fantasy Type-0. He's of class 5, and specializes in making battle devices that are both offensive and afford some measure of protection. He's 25 years old, one of the oldest students at the Academy, and is 220 cm tall. He used to have a brother, Enkidu Uruk, and he's half-Suzakuan half-Genbuan, but nothing else is known about his family.

His seiyuu is Masahiro Kobayashi.


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Ryid has appeared twice in the FF-TCG, under the element of Earth.

tcg_5100.jpg tcg_10079.jpg
5-100U Ryid 10-079U Ryid

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