Rycharde Mistbeard

Captain Rycharde Mistbeard is a somewhat mysterious pirate character in Final Fantasy XIV. It's unknown if the title of 'Mistbeard' itself is hereditary, or if what is hereditary is Mistbeard's title as the 'pirate king'. Whichever the case, it is said that one exists in every generation, each more notorious than the last.
The current Mistbeard is said to be a very handsome fellow, and is either a Lalafell or a Hyur, even a Roegadyn. What he is currently doing and any identifying information is unknown. There is a place near Limsa Lominsa, however, called Mistbeard's Cove. This might at some point have been Mistbeard's base of operations, and considering its present well-kept state it might be home to someone still. Another place related to Mistbeard is Shposhae, a cave complex very near the city itself but on a lower elevation, close to Moraby Bay. It's said to house Mistbeard's treasure.


It is unknown where captain Mistbeard came from and how he became a pirate. The first word we have of him he was already a well-known pirate and likely already bore the title of the pirate king. Very little actual information about him is known, for he is a source of many a legend and rumor, so it's difficult to ascertain what is true and what is not. Below recounts some of the legends concerning the man. Please keep in mind they might not be what really happened.

What made captain Mistbeard his notorierity is a certain incidence when he sailed out with a full crew (other members unknown but included the young cabin boy Mimidoa Nanadoa) in search of sirens. When he returned, it was with the cabin boy only, the rest of his crew - by his own words - fell to the sirens, but he himself had managed to slay the last of them. His tall tale attracted many a pirate to his new crew.

Another tale tells how he stole the Heart of Infinity from a Gridanian caravan. The Heart of Infinity being a precious jewel housing an incredibly strong ancient elemental capable of bringing great power to Gridania.

A third tale, and perhaps the most famous of them all, tells how he stole into the sultan of Ul'dah's wedding celebration, stealing away with the skins of 55 pure-bred black chocobos, 200 gold ingots, a 10-pound diamond from Meracydia, coins minted in the Allagan Empire, several ships from the port of Ul'dah and the maidenhood of the sultan's young bride. Rumors have since emerged that the current sultana, daughter of the sultan in question, bears a likeness to the good Captain.
While this latest has been disbelieved by many, quite recently some new recruits to the ranks of the Salthounds, a band of pirates, entered the Shposhae cave complex and returned with quite a few Allagan-minted coins. This brought some immediate credibility to this particular tale, and since that incident Shposhae has been teeming with pirates and adventurers in search of captain Mistbeard's legendary loot.

The final tidbit known about Rycharde Mistbeard is how Death Penalty and Annihilator, the muskets Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn carries, once belonged to Mistbeard. This has led some to speculate that she is his daughter. Whether this is true or not is as unknown as the rest.


Mistbeard's appearance is completely unknown at the moment.


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