Rururaji is the owner of Ul'dah's chocobo stables in Final Fantasy XIV. He provides chocobos for soldiers of the Immortal Flames when requested, and provides rental chocobos and carriages to all manner of other people.
He seems to have a bone to pick with Lominsan stables for some reason.


Ul'dah Main Quest
Golden Sacrifices


(1.18 and before)
Rururaji: Aye, I hear ya. You and every other adventurer. I know only too bloody well that you want to rent a bird. But there just ain't enough of 'em to go 'round.

(after 1.19)
Rururaji: Time's money, my friend, and I can tell you right now, every laggard step you take with your own two feet's naught but a gil lost and a blister gained. Now, on the other hand, if you had a chocobo… Ahem!
(What will you do? Summon your personal chocobo)
Rururaji: Very well then. I shall prepare your bird - <Chocobo>, was it - right away.
(Rent a chocobo)
(Learn about chocobo rental)
Rururaji: My fine stables houses hundreds of healthy chocobos - most which I keep for the Immortal Flames. I have, however, set a good few aside for the sole purpose of lending to eager adventurers such as yourself.
Riding chocoback is the closest thing to flying you'll ever experience…unless you ride an airship, of course…but whoever got to pilot their own airship…except airship pilots, I mean…but you're obviously not one of them, so riding chocoback is indeed the closest thing you'll- Ahem! Now, where as I? Ah yes, when renting my birds I ask only that you obey two simple rules:
One, stay mounted at all times. The moment you dismount, the bird will return immediately to the stables, regardless of how much time remains of your agreed rental period.
Two, always be aware of how much time you have left. My birds are trained to buck their riders from their saddles when their internal clocks tell them to - no matter where they may be…or which foul creatures might be lurking nearby. It sounds a little extreme, I realize, but I've only so many birds to go around.
And finally, three - Hm? Did I say 'two simple rules'? Oh, well then, that's an easy fix. Ahem, two - try and avoid said foul creatures. They will attack your steed to get to you, you see, and if the bird is weakened too much, it has been trained to buck its rider - yes, that again - and return to the stables…leaving you alone with your, um…admirer.
And that is all! My stock is of the highest quality - all pedigree, I assure you…unlike those crossbred vultures the Lominsan stables attempt to pass off as chocobos.

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