Rosetta Rostmayer

Rosetta Rostmayer (ロゼタ・ロストマイヤ [rosetta rostmayer] in Japanese), also known as simply Rose (ロゼ [roze]), is a daughter of a very influential family in the Gartian Empire. She has cast off her family ties however, and currently works as an officer of the International Peace Alliance. She insists she is no better than anyone else she works alongside with despite her lofty beginnings.

Rosetta's seiyuu is Onodera Runa.



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Rose is a slim young woman with bright green eyes and bright red hair that reaches down to her shoulders. On her head is a hair ornament of undeterminable motif, with green and burnished brass portions. She wears a short layered dress. The bottom layer is sleeveless and has a high collar. It's white and has a subtly creased hem. On top of that she wears a dress of muted red that has black lace on the hem and is held up by black lace straps. The hem of the red portion has burnished brass or gold details. On top of the dresses Rose wears a wide white belt with gold detail and clasps on the front.

Rose also has black gloves with gold or burnished brass detail that have a white subtly creased flare at the end. These gloves are either on top of or attached to black armguards that are held up by golden-colored bands, and are worn with steel guards with gold detail on top. On her feet she wears black thigh-high socks under steel-plated knee-high boots with a high heel. The front of the boots and the steel part of the arm guards are uncolored, although have gold detail both, but the back side of the boots are colored white - they are appear to still be metal however. On the outside at knee height they also have several white flowers as detail.


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