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Rosa Joanna Farrell (ローザ・ジョアナ・ファレル [rosa joanna farrel] in Japanese) is a White Mage from the Kingdom of Baron in Final Fantasy IV. She is of noble descent and one of the most talented archers in the kingdom1, but followed the footsteps of her mother in becoming a white mage to support her knight. She joined the White Mage division of Baron for that reason. Her father died when she was young, and she lived in the town of Baron with her mother before moving to the castle and becoming the Queen of Baron. She later had a son called Ceodore with Cecil Harvey, her childhood friend and her knight in shining armor. She's right-handed, and at the start of FF4 was 19 years old. She's 162 cm tall and weighs 47 kg.

The original FF4 didn't have voice acting, but this was added for the DS version of the game. In it, Rosa was voiced by Yuuko Kaida in the Japanese version and Kirsty Pape in the English one.

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Early Years

Rosa was born to a noble family to a famous white mage mother and a Dragoon father in Baron. It's unknown when exactly it happened, but her father died when she was young, leaving just her and her mother. At some point, she came to consider Cid Pollendina a father figure.

She spent her childhood playing around town with her two closest friends, Cecil Harvey and Kain Highwind, the latter of which was like a brother to her. The latter was also considered more of a match for her station, unlike the orphaned Cecil of unknown parentage. Later on, however, Rosa fell in love with Cecil despite the expectations set for her as well as Kain's one-sided love for her.


As Rosa is one of the best archers in Baron she must have spent some time practicing it, likely from an early age. However, her desire to do something for her love brought her to the path of a white mage, and eventually joining the White Mage Division of Baron.

Aware of the expectations of her station, Rosa and Cecil never formally got together, even though she loved him very much. This is the situation at the start of FF4.

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The After Years

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Rosa is a beautiful woman slightly on the short side, with long blonde hair and delicate features. She has green eyes, although has sometimes been depicted with garnet-colored ones.

In FF4, she wears an ivory-and-peach colored top with gold and sunstone decorations (or at least, something resembling a sunstone). The top doesn't have sleeves, although she wears separate peach-colored sleeves with golden band of color at the top and gold decorations on the part that reaches over her hands. There is what appears to be pink-colored scarves wrapped on her wrists over the sleeves on both hands. On her feet she wears sheer peach-colored pantihose with flower-like patterns. Because she also has golden bands with pink gems wrapped around her knees, on first glance one might think that she wears boots. However, she is in fact wearing shoes of purple and grey-brown leather with no heels to mention. She wears several layers of various things on her waist, including a long scarf-like piece of fabric, a brown leather belt with a big bronze buckle, and a red leather sword (or, in her case, dagger) belt with a decorative string of beads attached to it. The color of the dagger's hilt matches the belt it hangs from.
Additionally, Rosa wears a cape with several layers. The bottom layer is of sheer ivory fabric with gold decorations, the top layer of a heavier gold-colored fabric. She has shoulder guards consisting of two layers of metal, the bottom one with a golden silver sheen and the top one white. The top layer has one spike coming out of it on each should guard. She wears golden earrings consisting of three consecutive hoops, and holds up her hair with the aid of a golden tiara on her forehead and a golden hair ornament on top of her head.

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Rosa has appeared several times in the FF-TCG, under the element of Water.

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