Ronan Kognan

Ronan Kognan is a mysterious Lalafell of the Ashcrown Consortium who appeared in Gridania in the build-up to the Calamity. He did research on deaspected crystals, and would exchange them for various items.


Ronan Kognan is not involved in any quests.


(if you have no deaspected crystals)
Ronan Kognan: Muaha, muahahaha! You could read all the literature in Eorzea, friend - every last treatise and tome - and still you would know nothing of deaspected crystals. Nothing!

(if you have deaspected crystals with you)
Ronan Kognan: <sniff> Hm…? <sniff> I smell something… <sniff> <sniff> Yeees, it smells like deaspected crystals. Ronan Kognan's nose never lies!
We have business, you and I! Muahahaha! For each deaspected crystal you bring me, I shall give you ten shards. Ten! Ohhh, but bring me thirty, muaha, and you shall have a treasure beyond your wildest imagining! Muahahahaaa!

(Choose to get peregrine helm)
Ronan Kognan: Yeees, so brilliant! So lustrous! Errr, that is… I meant to say, these sorry specimens will barely suffice for my studies! Yeees, barely! Muahahaha!
Most curious… It seems the crystals share some bond with the moon Yeees, the lunar phases seem to influence the flavor - errr, the rate at which the crystals lose their aspect.
I could be wrong, but I have a feeling the greatest loss of flav- errr, power occurs on cloudless evenings when the moon is clearly visible. Ahhh, but I must know the truth… Bring me more! Mooore! I shall unravel this mystery! Muahahaha!

(Choose to get shards)
Ronan Kognan: Muaha! Many, many thanks, adventurer, muahaha! Yeees, you have brought me a rare thing indeed. Muahahaha!
The Ashcrown Consortium has dealings with many peoples and tribes - beastmen among them. Yeees, we trade crystals with even the Amalj'aa and Ixal. That is how we came to learn that they, too, are attempting to solve the mystery of this deaspecting phenomenon.
They claim this Ifrit of theirs - the flame deity conjured by their vile rituals - consumes crystals. I thought perhaps the dead ones were all that remained after the foul god's feasting - crumbs after a meal. But they told me I was wrong in this.
(Choose to get shards again)
Ronan Kognan: Yeees! More! Mooore! Muahahaha! Hm? What will I do with them after my studies are complete, you ask?
Why, I shall restore their lost power, of course! Yeees, certain corners of this realm are awash with aether. You need only bury a deaspected crystal there, and what once was dead will soon be alive again! Alive, do you hear!? Aliiive! Muahahaha!
Yet many will never know such joyous rebirth. My studies take their toll on the crystals, you see. It's all the probing. Often, I am left with mere fragments. Even the tiniest of these seem to interest the moogles, though. Might you know why? They're rather odd, if you ask me.
(Choose to get shards yet again)
Ronan Kognan: Many thanks, adventurer. Yeees, many thanks indeed. These will prove invaluable to my studies. Invaluable! Muahahaha! Tore them from the corpse of a foul beast, did you?
Many of the crystals I collect are formed faaar below the earth, where aether flows in abundance. Yeees, but aether flows through living things, as well.
And so it is with us, muahahaha! Even now, as we speak, that strapping adventurer's body of yours is coursing with the stuff! Yeees, you too have an aspect! Perhaps there is even a colorless, deaspected Lalafell running about somewhere in Eorzea…
(Choose to get shards once more)
Ronan Kognan: No doubt about it, the aspects of these crystals have been utterly obliterated. Muahahaha!
I've seen blindingly brilliant crystals, darkened dead crystals, and crystals with only a hint of their aspect still glimmering within. That is how I know these deadened crystals were not always so, but once shone as magnificently as any. But why has their light gone out? Why?
<sigh> If only we had the knowledge of the crystals of Sharlayan… Though, I have heard the Archons have left there and come to Eorzea. They are pious souls who devote themselves to studying the prophesies of the Divine Chronicles. Perhaps they could shed some light on these mysteries.

(Choose not to trade)
Ronan Kognan: But I must have them. I must! If I fail to meet my quota, the Consortium will have my godsdamned fingers!
(No more deaspected crystals)
Ronan Kognan: But even if books could help you, you'd have no need of them. Nooo, not a single page. Ronan Kognan knows all! For the Ashcrown Consortium is his employer, and crystals his employment, muahahaha!
Yeees, my precious little beauties are hard to come by of late. Every clan and creed south of the Bloodbrine is after them, each for their own ends. You see, the fate of Eorzea is tied to the crystals, my friend.
Should the crystals die, so too shall the realm. And so we must study whatever dead crystals we can, as best we can. We must find out why their light has left them.
So bring me any deaspected crystals you come across, adventurer. I shall cut them to pieces and grind them to powder, muaha! Touch them, smell them, taste them, muahahaha! I shall do whatever I must and more to discover the causes of their death! Muahahaha!

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