Roddard Ironheart
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Roddard Ironheart (ロダード・アイアンハート [roddard ironheart] in Japanese) is a mapmaker from late 15th and early 16th century in the 6th Astral Era in Final Fantasy XIV. It was he who drew the maps of Eorzea used even in the modern days, and they have been fixed remarkably little since then.
Not much is known about the person himself. However, at some point he must have married and had at least one child. This child went on to have children themselves, known as Nedrick and Millith.
His last name is a reference to Gwynham Ironheart, who was a famous mapmaker in Final Fantasy XI.


A map is as precise
As the malms walked in her making,
Yet I fear these feet
Have but far too few between them

May she serve faithfully
Any who would employ her for good,
And shun all who would fill
Her borders with blood

Twelve see the steps taken
By those who heed her humble guidance
Ensure her legacy endures
-year 1506 of the 6th Astral Era

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