Rod M (ロッド(男) [rod(otoko)] or 'rod male' in Japanese) is one of the player characters in Before Crisis. He doesn't have an official name, and is usually referred to with this moniker in the fandom. He's a Turk in employ of the Shinra Company. He can be uncouth and doesn't really talk with respect to his co-workers with more experience, belying his past as a gang leader. He has great skills with motorcycles, both fixing and driving them. His family circumstances are unknown.

Rod is voiced by Daisuke Namikawa in the Last Order anime short.

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Early Years


Rod was born in Midgar, on the upper plates. It is unknown from what kind of a situation he comes from, although he's known to have become involved with the gangs in Midgar by his teens, and spent his time in various gang turf wars. At 18 years old, he was made a gang leader and was popular among his gang members.

It is unknown when it happened, but one day he saw a motorcycle in the Shinra Building. The temptation being too much to resist, he attempted to steal it, and just barely walked away with his life. That incident made him decide he wasn't strong enough after all, and resulted in him eventually joining the Turks, accepting their offer of recruitment. It could very well be that this offer came as a result of the combined efforts of him trying to steal the motorcycle and his fame as a strong gang leader.

Before Crisis

As no official indication has been given which of the player Turks handles which mission, it is unclear how his employment with the Turks went. Because of this it is likewise unclear when he joined the Turks, although it has to have been before or at the start of February of the year 1 [ν] era or shortly after.
It bears noting that as the first character on the roster and as the one used in game displays, he's a likely candidate for having been the one on the game's missions.


There's not much to be said about Gun's appearance. He has messy and spiky red hair and dark blue eyes. For the entirety of his appearance he wears the standard Turks uniform, a black suit and tie with a white shirt. His weapon is a metallic rod with a black handle.


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