Robel-Akbel (S)

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Robel-Akbel (ロベルアクベル [robel-akbel] in Japanese) , while a real person as well, is the cover name of Karaha-Baruha in the Shadowreign era of Vana'diel. This Karaha-Baruha came from a future where everything was lost, he had failed to protect Windurst by summoning Fenrir and as a result Windurst had fallen. Old, tired and disfigured, he made his way to the Shadowreign era to make sure Windurst survived the Crystal War.
To see the profile of the real Robel-Akbel, see Robel-Akbel.



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While Robel-Akbel (Karaha-Baruha) hasn't appeared in FF-TCG or the Play Arts series, he did make an appearance as one of the figurines in a Mini-Trading Figures release, together with several other Tarutaru.

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